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az screen recorder

AZ Screen Recorder is the most useful free android screen recorder app out there. If you are a mobile gamer, video content creator, a live streamer or any normal person who wants to record anything on your mobile device just download the AZ recorder pro version. With this, you can record screen videos such as video tutorials, video calls, game videos, live shows or non-downloadable videos.

Advantages of AZ Screen Recorder

Az screen recorder has many resolution to choose. In the settings, you can choose HD or full HD video qualities to record screen. Creating full HD video tutorials and game videos using your mobile device is easy now. this is the full HD screen recorder for android you must have.

When it comes to the game recording, a must consider the fact is the FPS. Az screen recorder provides 24fps and 60fps options. If your old screen recorder sucks, with the this android app you will have smooth recorded gameplay.

Like other android screen recording apps, AZ recorder has no time limits. It will not limit you from anything unless you decide to stop. And this is a screen recorder app without any watermarks. 

To record your mobile screen with all these features you do not want a rooted android mobile. All advantages explained above will work with non-rooted Android devices.

Key Features

Screen recorder

Az screen recorder is a stable and fluid app. With this mobile screen recorder, you can record any mobile game you play on any android device, record video calls with family and friends. You can record Snapchat with the AZ screen recorder and anything from Periscope, Tik Tok, Bigo Live, Youtube, or Twitch.

Internal Sound Recorder

This free screen recorder supports internal sound recording from Android 10. You do not have to pay a dime for this feature. I can also guarantee the recording sound quality is outstanding.

Full HD game Recorder

AZ screen recorder supports high-quality gameplay recording with 1080p, 60FPS, 12Mbps options. And there are many resolutions, frame rates, and bit rates to choose as you want.

Screen recorder with face cam

By using this Screen Recorder, emotions and your face can be recorded in a little overlay window. You can adjust the Facecam size and then drag it anywhere on the screen.

Other Features of AZ Recorder
  • Pause/resume screen recording
  • GIF maker: A GIF recorder help you record the screen as GIF
  • Control screen recording through floating window or notification bar
  • Shake the device to stop recording the screen
  • Draw on the screen while recording gameplay
  • Transfer recorded videos, and screenshots to your computer through Wifi

Video Editor

Az screen recorder comes with a builtin video editor. There are many functions you can use to edit the recorded video inside the app.

You can convert the video to a GIF. There are options to trim or remove parts you do not want.

And with this editor, you can,

  • Merge videos: Combine multiple videos into one
  • Add background music to video
  • Add subtitles to video
  • Extract image from video
  • Crop video
  • Rotate video
  • Compress video
  • Edit audio

Live Stream

This is one of the great options the AZ app provides. Especially if you are a mobile gamer, with the AZ screen recorder live stream option, you can live broadcast your gameplay on Youtube, Facebook, or Twitch quickly. Yes, Az recorder supports Full HD mobile video live streaming for free.

Besides game streaming, you can do film live streaming, TV shows, or live events. The cool thing is you can live stream with face cam.

Screenshot and Image Editor

If your mobile doesn’t have a built-in screenshot option or it’s hard to press buttons while you are gaming, you can easily use the AZ screenshot option. You can take a screenshot easily with one click, use in-app image editing tools to stitch/crop images.  

You can stitch images, crop images, blur the parts you don’t want and can add any text or draw on the image with this AZ recorder image editing option.

How To Install AZ Recorder

Download the latest MOD APK file by pressing above download button and open the file from your android device.

Allow app to install

install az recorder

After installation AZ recorder will ask for permission.

grant permission
grant permission

Grant app permission from your device setting.

AZ screen recorder
allow app from setings

Enjoy recording your android device screen.

AZ screen recorder
az screen recorder