AI Video Editing SDK for iOS, Android | Banuba

AI Video Editing SDK for iOS, Android | Banuba

Our Video Editing SDK is the ultimate video editing solution for mobile platforms. It uses computer vision to process videos allowing developers to integrate video editor like Tiktok into their apps. Users can overlay augmented reality on videos, add filters, post-processing effects, music and much more.


– Overlay augmented reality and face effects on videos
– Gif and Text layovers
– Audio editor
– Slow-mo and Fast-forward effects
– Trim and merge
– Create Slideshows and Stories
– Video export. 1280×720 resolution, mp4 format

Platforms: iOS, Android

Banuba is an artificial intelligence lab specializing in augmented reality SDK development. Our technology enables companies to integrate the most immersive Face AR features into any app or website.

We help people to self-express and connect creatively using mobile cameras, and we empower brands to grow sales with virtual try-on solutions for their NextGen consumers.