How to Find the BEST Play-To-Earn Games (Blockchain Games, Crypto Games, & NFT Gaming Projects)

Play to Earn games are quickly becoming my new favorite kind of games and a lot of people have been asking me how I find all of these new NFT projects and blockchain games to check out. It all started with bringing people into my discord and with websites like The creator of the website reached out to me and wants to feature my videos on the website so I wanted to show you guys the site and talk about my gaming and play to earn discord community! More about the website below.

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The play to earn website features existing and upcoming games that follow the play to earn model which is a type of game that uses the blockchain to track digital currency and assets for players to earn money while gaming! The site has a load of information around these type of games including a rating and score system. Here is some information about it from the website developer:
The PlayToEarn score is all about the playtoearn aspects of a game. It gives you an idea about
the amount that you can earn in a game compared to all other playtoearn games (P2E: High|Average|Low), if a game is freetoplay or requires NFTs, Cryptocurrency or to buy the game (F2P), if there are pay to win advantages to earn more (for example a freetoplay player earns less than someone who invests 1000$ and buys an advantage with that to earn more than the average freetoplay player) & liquidity of the earning (when you earn nfts or cryptocurrencies, how frequently they are traded). All 4 ratings together represent the PlayToEarn Score. You can also check the (?) for some side info about it. This rating is totally based on the developers opinion but tries to do ratings as reasonable as possible to become a score that everyone can look up to and instantly know if that game can earn you some money or not. For now only a hand full of games are rated since it takes time playing a game more intense to properly rate it, but there will be a new wave of ratings coming in the next month.

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  1. Thanks for highlighting this web site. Its a good summary of what to explore and have fun with. Keep up the good work.

  2. Great video, you should take another look at crypto blades has been alot of updates on it and cryptoblades is growing fast we don't have many creators making content might hop on the crypto gaming train and youtube train again haha

  3. Thank you! As always, love your content. Check out Gods Unchained. You can now buy and sale NFTs gas free. Honestly, it's my first card based game, but I'm kinda addicted lol. They give away free (actually valuable) cards every weekend from tournaments you enter automatically just from playing.

  4. thanks to you im able to make passive income. 2 more games I'm getting into other than rplanet, is prospectors and century of trains both still early enough when their land and stations drop will be crazy.

  5. If you're here wanting to know where the best opportunities are then just join Zueljin and Sammy's discord. They have 2 of the best communities in crypto and a massive list of upcoming profitable games, mostly on wax too!

  6. No game is at cryptoblade's level right now. Just got listed on dappradar (a couple of hours ago) and it's on #13 game dapp most used. The updates just keep coming and I think this will be big in the future (given its only 20 days old)

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