How to quickly make a Slideshow video on iPhone (No 3rd party Apps required)

How to quickly make a Slideshow video on iPhone (No 3rd party Apps required)

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STEP 1. iPhone Slideshow in Apple Photos App

First you will need to get some images on your phone that you want to make into a short video.

There is a super easy way to view your photos as a slideshow with music on an iPhone just using the photos app.

Simply open your photos app. Select all the images you want to include in your slideshow. Tap at the bottom left to see the menu and scroll down to the slideshow option.


Automatically your iphone will create a slideshow with music. You can see multiple images randomly grouped together, with unique transitions between the slides.

Under options you can change the theme, the music, whether it should repeat and the overall speed.

This is a really fast way to create a cool slideshow.

You can airplay this to your TV and show friends if you want, but that is sadly where it ends. This slideshow function does not allow you to export this as a video (save it), so that you can share it with friends and family..

Don’t worry, there is an easy workaround. All you need to do is a screen recording.

STEP 2. Save your slideshow video without an additional app

When you slide up on your screen it opens your control centre. Here you should have a record screen button that looks like this. If you do not see it, then you need to customise your control centre.


Go to iPhone settings.
Search for a Control Centre.
Select customise controls
Look for the screen recording option.
You need to tap the little green plus button to add it.

Now when you slide to open your control centre you will see the button.When you tap on this have 3 seconds to set up your screen and record your slideshow.

This will automatically save to your recent folder in the photos app.

If you are interested in taking more control of your edits then we want to show you how to make a video with images and music in a 3rd party editing app as well.

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