How To Record Android Screen In Full HD

How to Record Your Android Mobile Screen in Full HD and export a HQ video 

How to screen record android 60fps

Nowadays recording your mobile screen is pretty easy. Some Android devices have built-in screen recorders. Also, there are tons of thousands of free and paid third-party screen recorder apps to be downloaded. But the question is how to pick the best recorder for your needs and how to record a good video by adjusting the screen recorder settings properly.

To record your mobile screen in full HD, you simply have to download a mobile screen recording app that supports full HD video recording. Then select the video quality you want to record your video.

Well if you are still searching for the best android screen recorder, stop right here and download the az screen recorder app. I use it for my personal needs because I can record my mobile screen in full HD using the az screen recorder. And you can choose the fps up to 60fps. Bitrate 12mbps. cool … right? And also there is no time limit or watermark on videos. There are so many features in the app. Read all about it here.

Record your mobile screen in full HD

Let me show you how to record your mobile screen with the az recorder in easy steps.

Download the AZ Screen recorder MOD APK file from here.

After installing, tap the app icon menu icon on the home screen.

Now a floating icon will appear with few options.

If you want to adjust settings for your video tap the settings icon.

Press video configuration and select the 1920×1080 option to record your mobile screen in full HD. 1280×720 for an HD video and there are other minor video quality options to choose from. Think about what you need and choose depending on your need.

If you are fine with settings, press the back button and go to the home screen. To start recording your android screen press the floating icon and tap the video icon in yellow. If the floating icon is not working just press the button in the notification panel by dragging it down. You can play the game or do what you want to record. 

When you are done drag the notification panel again and press the stop icon. AZ screen recorder has some other options you can use to stop recording the screen. To choose the stop option, go to the app settings panel, and select stop options.

From there you can choose to screen off to stop the video. That means when you press the screen off button video recording will stop. The next option is to stop by shaking. If you want to stop the video recording simply shake your phone. You can turn both options on if you like. Stopping by the notification panel will still work.

Better Screen Recording Settings For Mobile Gamers

When you try to record your mobile gaming screen there are some other changes you must follow. If not, your recorded video will be laggy.

You just have to adjust some settings in the app and you will be done.

First, choose the video quality you want by doing what I explain above. Now go to the second option called the frame rate.

If you need a non-laggy video you have to choose a higher frame rate. 60fps is the highest and best or you can choose auto. It will pick the game frame rate automatically.

Bitrate is Important for an HQ Video

Another important option to have a better quality video is the bit rate. The higher the bitrate will get you an HQ video with HQ audio. Now you want a super quality video with a cool audio file that chooses the highest bit rate from the settings option. 

In the AZ recorder, you can set a bitrate from 1Mbps to 12Mbps.

In this way, you now have recorded a screen video in full HD with HQ audio and video file.

We are not done yet. Now the next part is editing. Delete what you do not want, merge things you need to stay. Creating a final piece of your video. To do all this handy, the az recorder editing feature has all the tools we need.

Edit Screen record Video in AZ recorder

By clicking the video icon on the az recorder app you can see the recorder videos. There is a three dots line to click and choose the edit option to edit your recorded video. I will explain what you can do with this built-in video editor.

Trim Video 

By trimming you can cut off the beginning and end of the video. Especially there will be a part recorded while you switch off the recording. While the trip option is selected there are two arrows in the edit bar. You can drag these arrows to cut off the beginning or end

Cut Middle

If you want to cut out the middle parts of the video, select the cut middle option, and choose the part from the edit bar.

Create GIF

You can turn the video into a gif file. After trimming and cutting the unwanted parts simply go to the ‘convert to GIF’ option and select ‘create GIF’ under the edit bar.

Crop Video

Using this option you can select a specific area you want to show. Simply drag the corners until you get the right frame. 

Edit Audio

You can completely replace the audio file of the video with this option. There is another option to adjust the volume as you need.

Apart from this you can add backgrounds, text & stickers, merge videos and compress the video with the az screen recorder video editor.

By following the above steps you can record your android mobile screen in full HD. You can create gameplay videos, mobile tutorials, or record any issue on your phone, create the best quality video content, and share with the community you like. 


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