How To Screen Record On Samsung Note 9 (Easiest Guide)

So my friends, If you were asking, How to screen record on Samsung note 9? The guide you need is here. Let me explain how you can do it in some proper ways according to your needs.

There are few ways you can screen records on Note 9 Samsung mobiles. 

This fantastic mobile comes with a built screen recorder, which I discuss below in full details, and also you can use a free or paid third-party screen recorder to do the job.

Note 9 Built-in Screen Recorder

When Samsung released their Note 9 version on 23rd August 2018, it had a built-in screen recording option which appeared on the notification panel. 

But, according to some discussions in the Samsung community after some time, developers removed the option from the panel.

Now, the note 9 screen recorder is still there as a hidden option. That means you can easily record the screen using Samsung note 9 built-in screen recorder.

To access this hidden option, follow these simple steps.

how to screen record on samsung note 9
Samsung Note 9 Game Launcher
  1. Go to the Samsung game launcher- This fantastic game launcher app has a screen recorder for the apparent reason. You can use it to record the screen of any app besides games.
  2. Enter the library window by dragging it up
  3. Tap three vertical dots at the top right corner
  4. Select the third option, ‘add apps’
  5. Now, you see a list of apps installed on your mobile
  6. Select apps you want to record the screen and confirm by selecting ‘add’ in the top right of the screen. 
  7. Return to the library and launch the app you want to record
  8. When the app starts, you see the game tool icon next to the back button bottom left corner of your mobile. Tap it.
  9. Now, game tool options appear on the screen. There is a record button on the lower right corner above the bottom navigation bar.
  10. Tap the screen recorder button to screen record your Samsung note 9 mobile.
  11. When you finish recording, tap the stop button in the bottom right corner.
samsung note 9 screen recorder, az screen recorder
Samsung Built-in Screen Recorder

Record Internal Sound With Screen Recorder

You can record the internal sound of your android 10 device while you record the screen. So this is a new feature that comes with the Android 10 version. That means you can record the internal sounds of your Samsung Note 9 mobile.

AZ Screen Recorder For Samsung Mobile

You can use any third-party android screen recording app to record your note 9 mobile screens. Here I suggest you use the AZ screen recorder app because of many pro features without ads.

Especially if you are a mobile gamer or content producer who uses mobile devices to create video content, you can record mobile screens in full HD using this app. Also, when recording a game, you can choose the bit rate up to 12Mbps and frame rate up to 60Fps. 

az screen recorder apk
AZ Screen Recorder

You do not have to root your android mobile to screen record Samsung note 9 mobile device with this ads-free android screen recorder.

Also, the AZ screen recorder comes with a built-in video editor. Nevertheless, the screenshot app is there to take quick screenshots. 

To read more about the AZ screen recorder and download the mod pro version, return to our home page form here.