How To Take Screen Shot On SnapChat [Secretly? [2021 Update]

Snapchat is a popular mobile application that allows users to send photos and videos to friends. But how do you take snapchat screenshot secretly? Snapchat can be tricky at times because it deletes the picture or video from your phone after it’s opened on your friend’s screen. Here are some sneaky ways to take snapchat screenshot without being detected:

I’m sad to inform you that old school airplane mod is not working now. Yes the snapchat developers found a way to cover this up.

So you have yo use some other ways to take screen shots of snapchat screen without users knowing.

Take a photo with another phone – Open snapchat on the second phone, then take a screenshot of what you want to save with your first phone.

So, this is also kind of primary method and image quality is not guaranteed.

I Phone Screen recorder.

If you are using an I Phone there is a built in screen recorder to take snapchat screenshots.

Only downside is that you have to have an I Phone and only use it for this type of task.

Android Built in Screen Recorder.

Since Android 10 you have a built-in screen recorder.

So you can use it to take snapchat screenshots without the user knowing.

When you are on snapchat just pull down the notification panel and you will find a screen recording option. Record the screen and take a screen shot of the scene that you want.

Use AZ Screen Recorder to Screen Shot Snapchat

Yes, if you do not have an I Phone or Android 10 mobile you can always use a third party screen shot app like AZ Screen Recorder.

AZ Screen Recorder not only a mobile screen recording app. It comes with a built in screen shot feature. So just go to the snapchat and use the az screen recorder floating menu icon to take a screen shot.

You can turn on floating icon by just launching the az screen recorder app on your mobile.

You can download the latest az screen recorder apk pro version on our website.

Anyway snapchat us a social media app that care about their user privacy. So taking screenshots or screen records of some other persons life movements is unethical in one hand.

Anyway enjoy this and be safe in the digital world.