How to Use Hotkeys for Easy Video Editing | PowerDirector Mobile Android iOS App

How to Use Hotkeys for Easy Video Editing | PowerDirector Mobile Android iOS App

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How to use keyboard shortcuts & hotkeys for easy video editing with the PowerDirector Mobile Android and iOS video editor app. This PowerDirector Android app video tutorial will show you how to use hotkeys or keyboard shortcuts to speed up the editing process. PowerDirector Mobile provides you the ability to use keyboard hotkeys on a Chromebook or a tablet connected via bluetooth keyboard to create awesome videos. If you want to keep your hands on the keyboard while editing on your mobile device or Chromebook this tutorial will help you get it done. This tutorial takes you through all of the available hotkey keyboard shortcuts for the app. Using the PowerDirector app and hotkeys you can create awesome videos. This is a great video to teach you how to use the PowerDirector Video Editing Mobile app for Android smartphones and tablets to create great videos.

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