How To Use The Acapella App - 2020 Edition!!

How To Use The Acapella App – 2020 Edition!!

Learn how to use the Acapella App! I get so many questions on what app I use to make my split screen videos. The Acapella App is a great FREE app you can use to get started making split screen videos. I figured I’d make this tutorial to help everyone learn how to use this awesome app.

Hope this is helpful and let me know how your videos turn out! xoxo

UPDATE: Acapella has not updated the Android App since 2016. I contacted them and received this response “Unfortunately we were unable to get Acapella to work properly on Android.” This is why newer Android phones are unable to use the app, unfortunately. I had done collabs in the past with friends that had Androids so I thought the app was still working. I have an iPhone so I was not able to test this out recently. I’m sorry this is only working on iPhones 🙁

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Acapella for iPhone:
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***The Shure mv88 is not available, here is the updated mv88+
Acapella App Walk Through – Watch Me Make A Video:
How To Make A Collab With The Acapella App:
Acapella App Premium – Is It Worth It?:

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