How to Use Windows 10 FREE Video Editor

How to Use Windows 10 FREE Video Editor

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Windows 10 has a FREE video editor built-in and it is super simple to use. This video tutorial will show you the basics of Windows 10 video editor and have you creating videos in no time! Use the timestamps below to jump to different parts of the video.

6 Best FREE video Editors:
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1:09 Starting Windows Video Editor
2:08 Add media (photos and video)
3:24 Add title card
4:32 Add media to storyboard
4:59 Trim and split video in Windows Video Editor
6:11 Change picture duration
6:30 Resize clip
7:02 Add text to clips
7:48 Add filters in Windows Video Editor
8:19 Add motion to clips
8:53 Add background music and custom audio
10:44 Adding 3D effects
13:14 Exporting project when finished

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