Nvidia Will Launch A New Version Of The RTX 2050

It Appears That NVIDIA Would not Know What To Name Its GPU

Generally, a tool’s nomenclature may be extra of a sizzling matter than its worth or specs. With NVIDIA’s high-end line of GPUs, a few of their names are punctuated with a “Ti.” Evidently some individuals appear to be confused about the way it’s purported to be pronounced, even NVIDIA staff.

Individuals in NVIDIA pronounce the “Ti” otherwise

Pronunciation can typically be a subjective matter (is Asus pronounced “A-Soos” or A-Sus”?) however you’d count on there to be some form of consensus inside the precise firm. NVIDIA has a “Ti” on the finish of the mannequin quantity for its high-end GPUs, however individuals appear confused about the way it’s pronounced; individuals both pronounce it as “tie” or as separate letters.

The Verge outlined how the senior vp on the firm, Jeff Fisher, pronounces it as “tie.” He stated it through the firm’s keynote introducing the most recent GPUs together with the RTX 3090 Ti.


Then again, the corporate’s founder, Jensen Huang, goes the opposite route and pronounces it as two separate letters. Whereas it’s not fairly the largest scandal in tech, it’s nonetheless slightly odd that the corporate can’t choose a pronunciation.

Additionally, NVIDIA introduced a brand new GPU, the RTX 3090Ti

Jeff Fisher held a keynote earlier as a part of the corporate’s CES 2022 occasion the place he launched us to a brand new participant within the GPU market. Fisher held up the RTX 3090 Ti after which hit us with a torrent of specs. Primarily based on the title, you possibly can inform that it’s the corporate’s strongest GPU that’s coming to the market.

Sadly, he didn’t inform us way more in regards to the GPU aside from the specs. It’s able to 40 shader teraflops, 78 RT teraflops, 320 tensor teraflops, 24GB of 21Gb/s G6X reminiscence. Primarily based on the numbers alone, it looks as if it’s going to be a very highly effective GPU.


In different NVIDIA information: NVIDIA is launching new variations of its RTX 2050 GPU

Regardless that we’re speaking about new GPUs, there are some outdated ones which are making headlines. Not too long ago, NVIDIA introduced that it’s launching a revised model of its RTX 2050 GPU. The corporate isn’t simply taking outdated models and placing them again on retailer cabinets, nonetheless.

These newer RTX 2050s can have some notable enhancements. It’s going to share a couple of key specs with the higher-end RTX 3050. The brand new RTX 2050 can have the identical Ampere GA107 structure, GDDR6 reminiscence, and a couple of,048 CUDA cores because the RTX 3050.

Whereas that is good, the brand new RTX 2050 will retain its 64-bit reminiscence bus. These new GPUs will launch early this 12 months.


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