My 5 Best Photo and Video Editing Apps for Instagram 2019

My 5 Best Photo and Video Editing Apps for Instagram 2019

Creating as much content as we do and with me being on the road as often as I am, it’s a necessity that I can prepare photos, thumbnails or short videoclips from wherever I currently find myself. And since I’ve tried out so many different things, I thought I would share what I’ve learnt and in particular, what apps I find to be the best for editing away from your desk.

Whether it’s simply trying to make an instagram post look a little more eye-catching, editing a number of clips together for an insta-story or creating thumbnails for a new YouTube video – these five apps are perfect for easy-to-use, on-the-go editing – simply from your smartphone.

The apps we look at are: Google Photos, Adobe Spark Post, Snapseed, InShot and VSCO.


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