Play to Earn: Gods Unchained – How much can you earn?!

Gods Unchained is giving away $20 in ETH to each person who completes some simple in-game missions. If you enter this code when signing up: OehHsTloby I get $5 too!

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  1. Hello! Nice video

    I was wondering about price cards, do they have a minimum price by rarity?

    For exemple, a legenderay could have a minimum price of 0.01 Eth, or is the market fully controled by players? 😊

  2. is it worth to play right now? i feel its like mtg when selling kinda like this kind of trading while playing and earning some money

  3. Hola, me suscribi. Necesito ayuda, es mi primer finde semana de rankeds clasificatorias, gane 15 juegos de los primeros 25. Me gustaria saber si dan recompensas y cuando las dan despues de cada finde semana?

  4. Is it still worth playing? Ive played today and got to lvl 16 already but the Flux isnt working so far and i read the comments.

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