Snapchat Screen Recorder | Best Secret Hidden Apps 2020

Looking for a snapchat screen reorder you can secretly record chat windows. You just found the answer, just read.

Snapchat launched almost 9 years ago in 2011. It’s still a big player among multimedia file sharing giants like Instagram and Tik Tok.

Snapchat exceptional combination of pictures that were filtered and chat messages alongside its own selection of features has powered the app development. At the time of 2018, a lot more than 190 million daily users messaging one another using the app and shared images.

The most essential feature of Snapchat is that the image and video will evaporate after a while of opening. Due to the unique feature, a lot of folks cannot save even their utmost favorite snaps.

Do you know there are some third-party apps and tricks which may assist you to save and keep your selfies or many enjoyed snap into your apparatus? What’s more, apps I mention below are best Snapchat screen recorder apps that you can use with no risk.

Can Snapchat Detect a Screen Record or Screenshot

Snapchat is built on the idea of securing users’ multimedia data. If anyone can record your Snapchat screen, this promise will break, and the business will collapse. 

If you were wondering, does Snapchat know when you are recording the screen?

Snapchat put a notification icon at the conversation on the Friends page to tell that the different member(s) of this dialog, which someone took a screenshot of this Snap.

Quick Tips For Record Snapchat Screen Without Notifying Users

  1. Use another mobile to take pictures or video records, but you can’t get an HQ output here.
  2. Go offline by turning off WIFI or mobile data and make the screenshot you want.
  3. If you are an android user, ask Google assistant to take screenshots.

If you do not prefer to do the above things, you can simply use a screen recorder app to do the job. Services and apps I listed below are the best secret screen recorder apps you can use with no risk.

AZ Screen Recorder

az screen recorder mobile app for android devices
az screen recorder

This is a multi-purpose app. You can use to screen record, edit, and live stream your mobile screen. And you can record videos in HD or full HD even with the free version. No watermark or no time limit. And there is a magic button in the az screen app, so no one knows what you are doing. That’s why I say this is a best option for a snapchat screen recorder.


secret screen recorder for capture snapchat screen.
the onespy

TheOneSpy is a bit different on-demand screen recording app. A simple command you send will record everything on your target device. This is a paid screen recording app.

Hidden Screen Recorder

snapchat screen recorder, hidden screen recorder
hidden screen recorder

Hidden Screen Recorder is a best kmown app among android users. This free app records the screen and stays hidden. You can record the video with the full-screen resolution with no time limits.


secret screen recorder for capture snapchat screen.
blue spy

This is an excellent android screen recorder with some advanced features. BlurSPY allows you to monitor targeted devices.

So, in this article, we have learned a handful of techniques to take screenshots and videos of Snapchat. Try these tricks and test apps to find out what option is best suited for your needs. Enjoy screen recording and Snapchat.