Top 5 Crypto NFT Games | Play to Earn Crypto Blockchain Games

Blockchain Games

Here at the Game Mag we take all gaming topics seriously, maybe.
That’s why if it’s anything related to gaming, we can cover it. Have you ever heard about something called NFT? How about Blockchains?
An NFT means non-fungible tokens and blockchains are recordings of your transactions online related to cryptocurrency and more. NFT on the other can be physical or digital assets that you can use to make money.
This leads us to the video for the day which is the top 5 Crypto NFT Games that you can play.

That’s right, the point of this video is to give you an idea of what games you can play so that you can make some money through cryptocurrency which you can also use in real life.
It isn’t impossible now for people to just play games all day long and make money. Just take a look at those streamers that get tons of donations and sponsorships.
These games we’ll feature on the list can be ideal, playable, fun, and don’t forget about the making money part.
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